Halitosis Treatment (SRP)
in Plant City, FL

Even though everyone’s had those moments when they realize their breath isn’t the best, halitosis can affect people far beyond what they smell or taste. Bad breath can be embarrassing and create self-doubt.
But don’t despair! At Inspired Dentistry of Plant City, Dr. Hussein Abdulameer can determine what’s causing your bad breath and finally fix it. There are solutions for even the worst cases of smelly breath, ranging from simple over-the-counter bad breath remedies to professional guidance from our judgment-free Plant City general dentist.

What Is Halitosis?

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is a condition that affects a large portion of the population. This condition is characterized by an unpleasant odor that emanates from the mouth and can be uncomfortable for the sufferer and those around them. Despite its prevalence, halitosis is often taboo. Many people feel embarrassed to talk about it or seek treatment. Fortunately, halitosis is a treatable condition.

What Are Bad Breath Common Causes?

Contrary to popular belief, bad breath is not always caused by what we eat, and one should know about several common causes of bad breath to prevent it from occurring. Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of bad breath, as bacteria can accumulate on the tongue, gums, and teeth. Certain foods and drinks like garlic, coffee, and alcohol can produce less-than-fresh breath. Some medical conditions, like sinus infections and gum disease, can also lead to bad breath. Plus, dry mouth and dehydration can also be factors.

Furthermore, those who smoke or drink excessive alcohol can develop halitosis. If you’re experiencing chronic bad breath, you must see a dentist as soon as possible to rule out any underlying medical issues. In the meantime, practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding certain foods can go a long way in preventing bad breath.

How Do We Fix Bad Breath?

There are several ways to combat bad breath, including proper oral hygiene, tongue scraping, and mouthwash. Our Plant City dentist knows how important it is to address this issue, as the root cause of bad breath can sometimes be a dental health problem. By understanding what causes halitosis, we can take steps to prevent and treat it effectively.

At your halitosis treatment appointment, Dr. Hussein will examine your mouth to look for any underlying issues, such as gum disease, cavities, or other oral infections. He will also learn more about your diet and lifestyle habits for a comprehensive analysis. Once the cause of  bad breath has been identified, our dentist will make treatment recommendations. This may include regular dental checkups, diet changes, and oral hygiene tools such as a tongue scraper or mouthwash. A common way to treat halitosis is through a treatment known as scaling and root planing. During this dental deep cleaning, Dr. Hussein scrapes away bacteria that causes bad breath from above and below the gumline. This planing also supports gum health. With our dental expertise, our caring Plant City dental office is well-equipped to help patients eliminate any unpleasant odor coming from their mouths so they can regain their confidence.

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Seek Help for Halitosis

Toothpaste, minty gum, and mouthwash can only do so much. When you’ve exhausted all bad breath remedies, seek professional halitosis help. Call (813) 754-2605 or message us to schedule a halitosis treatment in Plant City, FL.