How Long Does It Take to Get a Root Canal in Plant City?

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If you already have a hard time sitting through routine dental care, a root canal sounds downright impossible. After all, you’ve heard it’s a protracted and painful procedure. While root canals can be uncomfortable, with advancements in dental technology and techniques, this endodontic procedure is much faster and more comfortable. This is especially true at Inspired Dentistry of Plant City with Dr. Hussein. We’ve cut down on the time it takes to perform this treatment, getting you back in shape in no time. 

How Much Time Do Root Canals Take?

A root canal is designed to clear out infected tissue from inside a tooth, relieving pain, and saving your tooth. A typical root canal can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. It all depends on how complex your case is and the technology used. 

Single-visit root canals are increasingly common at Inspired Dentistry of Plant City, but our ultimate purpose is to safeguard your health. If that means a longer procedure, we can make you more comfortable during the process. Teeth with more extensive damage may require more extended treatment.

What Does Our Endodontic Dentist Do During that Time?

  1. Diagnosis: We examine the affected tooth and take scans to gauge the extent of the infection. Our office is equipped with digital x-rays and 3D scanners to get a comprehensive view of your oral health. 
  2. Anesthetic: We apply a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area. This ensures you don’t feel pain. 
  3. Canal Cleaning: Dr. Hussein will create an opening in the crown of your tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals. He’ll use special tools to remove the infected tissue and clean the canals.
  4. Filling and Sealing: After cleaning, the tooth root canals are filled with a material called gutta-percha and sealed to prevent further infection.
  5. Restoration: We use a dental filling or tooth crown to restore your tooth’s shape, appearance, and functionality. 

New Technology Has Streamlined the Process

Traditionally, a root canal could take multiple visits to complete, but modern dentistry offers solutions that can wrap up the process in one appointment. From enhanced imaging techniques for planning treatment to advanced materials for fillings and crowns, Dr. Hussein can work with greater precision and speed. This cuts down on the overall procedure time.

Sedation For An Even Faster Experience

Sedation dentistry also improves the root canal experience. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, sedation is great for lengthy dental procedures, making it a good fit for endodontic care. For root canals in Plant City at our office, we offer oral conscious sedation. This is a medication you take prior to your appointment that will help you feel more relaxed and make it feel like the time goes by quicker. In fact, it does—your relaxation helps Dr. Hussein and the rest of our team work more efficiently. 

Schedule a Root Canal in Plant City Today

If you need a root canal, it’s a more streamlined procedure than you’re imagining. At Inspired Dentistry of Plant City, you can have a relatively comfortable experience with a quicker treatment time than ever before. To schedule a root canal, contact us. This won’t be a big ordeal. Instead, it’ll be just what you need to get back to your everyday routine, faster than you think.

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